Physical Wellness Programming

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Embrace an active lifestyle with our Monthly Physical Wellness Programming, made possible by the generous support of The Wim & Nancy Pauw Foundation. We're committed to enhancing the physical well-being of our community's young adults by providing accessible opportunities to engage in new sports and connect with like-minded individuals. Our aim is to offer affordable avenues for exploration, whether it's trying a new sport or enjoying the breathtaking vistas during a hike through the stunning larch-covered landscapes.

Each month, we curate a diverse array of events at various times and dates to suit everyone's schedule. Previous programming has included exhilarating mountain biking lessons, invigorating cross-country skiing adventures, serene snowshoeing outings, delightful skating experiences at the picturesque Lake Louise, as well as guided hikes to explore the wonders of Lake Louise and Kananaskis, among other activities.

In 2024, we're gearing up for an exciting lineup of new events and experiences that promise to keep you active and engaged. Don't miss out on what we have in store—join us and discover the joy of physical well-being amidst the beauty of our surroundings

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