Move Mountains Festival

hosted in election years

The Move Mountains Festival (MMF) is a one-day event that centers around young voter encouragement and political participation. The Move Mountains Festival is a non-partisan event, where young adults will have a chance to engage with all the candidates running for election, prior to their election date. We aim to run the MMF whenever there is a municipal, provincial, or federal election. Typically, we run the MMF at either the Canmore Opera House or the Cornerstone Theatre.

Our aim for each MMF is to bring the community together to hear the concerns of young adults, ensure the politicians who will represent them are aware of the challenges unique to young adults living in an expensive mountain town, and empower young people to get engaged in political processes and decisions as they are directly affected by them. We focus on the young adult demographic because young adults typically have a lower voter engagement. Further, we also hire local musicians and bands to perform at the event, which increases brand awareness of local bands and fosters their musical careers.


By running a large event with an entertainment portion, it gives participants a chance to connect, either by making friends or networking.

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